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Woven Extra Long Fringe Scarf - Guatemalan Textile

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Woven on ancient backstrap looms in the highlands of Guatemala, this extra-long scarf is a collaboration between designer Dana and the Maya women(Quick tip: 'Maya' is used as both a noun and an adjective; 'Mayan' is used to reference the language) who've passed down this traditional skill and artform from generation to generation.

- Rayon
- Silky touch
- Exclusive to Artaya Loka
- Woven by a Fair Trade women's weaving cooperative
- Handwash and line dry or lay flat
- Due to the handmade nature of this woven textile and the dyed threads, each is one of a kind and may contain knots, nubs, and slight 'wabi-sabi' imperfections.
- This item is ready to be shipped!

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